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Century Sixteen: Rise by Spartan0700 Century Sixteen: Rise by Spartan0700
Last evening in Aurora, Colorado, 12 people were killed and 59 more were wounded while watching The Dark Knight Rises, when a man who believed he was the Joker came in with teargas, an assault rifle, a shotgun and a sidearm and began gunning people down.

President Obama released a statement regarding the incident.
“Now even as we learn how this happened and who’s responsible, we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless. It’s beyond reason."

Ironically, tragically, the answer could be found in the previous installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman series, The Dark Knight, in a line uttered by Michael Caine's character, Alfred Pennyworth.
"Well, because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. "

I'm not sure why this news has struck me harder than news of previous shootings. Maybe it's because I've grown older since the last mass shooting; maybe because this incident is being hailed as the largest mass shooting in U.S. history; or maybe it's the vile irony of the two quotes above.

Maybe it's because the thought that someone out there thinks that James Holmes is an innocent, misunderstood and tragic character who deserves rehabilitation and a second chance.

...which is complete horses*it, in my humble opinion.

Again, I don't know why it affected me more than any other piece of bad news, but it did. I felt a strange compulsion to make this.

The Dark Knight Rises poster is property of Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures. Batman is a character of DC Comics.

I claim credit only for this original mash-up of existing assets.
lunar-steel91 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with Michael Caine quote from the film. It's very true.
Spartan0700 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
It was so eerie when I first read the statement, my mind shot right back to the Dark Knight.

That line... so right, so dead-on.
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